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Is Your Subrosa Video Virtually Inadmissible At Trial?



Surveillance investigators routinely expose many hours of subrosa video which contain highly important physical activity of much shorter duration. Evaluating physicians will invoice thousands of dollars to review this digital evidence, and WCAB Judges often refuse to watch several hours of video. Perhaps worse, doctors and Judges generally insist upon fast-forwarding the evidence which distorts perspective and can obscure crucial activity.


Beginning in 1987, we have resolved these difficulties through the process of "condensing" video evidence to a reasonable length by removing nonessential segments often referred to as “diligence” or “integrity” video. Our "condensed" video exhibits serve as “Designations of Evidence" and have been used at trial before the WCAB and at Administrative Law Hearings on terminations and disability retirement claims.


Please note that our "condensed" video exhibits have NEVER been excluded from any proceeding.


Feel free to call if you have any questions, and "click" here or on the photo below to review a Newsletter which describes the process in detail and discusses a reduction of video length from 9 hours, 18 minutes to 2 hours, 30 minutes. The savings by having just one doctor review the “condensed” version more than paid for our services.