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Credibility -- The most important issue on any case. We offer the very best research and discovery to verify or refute allegations of injury and/or disability on suspicious Workers' Compensation and Industrial Disability Retirement claims.  In contrast to "pro forma" inquiries, our efforts are tailored to the unique and specific facts of each case. Rebuttal evidence gathered in this fashion often causes errant employees to withdraw their claims and/or leads to early and successful denials of liability. On the other hand, immediate verification of an accurate history allows prompt provision of benefits to deserving injured workers.


Please consider trying a limited investigation (you set the "cap") on stress related cases to document outside factors that claimants tend to conceal.  We will work to that point, report the results and recommend further efforts to complete the investigation. Just click the 'Help" button below or click the Order Form tab on the left side of your screen. Thank you.

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Evidence Code §780 provides: “Except as otherwise provided by statute, the court or jury may consider in determining the credibility of a witness any matter that has any tendency in reason to prove or disprove the truthfulness of his testimony at the hearing ...”


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